Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Always Infinity via BzzAgent

I’m excited to finally have something else free from BzzAgent™ to blog about.  I have been selected for the Always Infinity campaign.  The kit status is “shipping soon” and here is what I will receive:

  •    A bundle of $1.00 off coupons for Always Infinity
  •   A full sealed package of Always Infinity pads – yellow colour (meaning moderate flow)
  •  Three individually wrapped Always Infinity pads

The idea behind the three individually wrapped pads is for me to rip them apart and make some infamous blue liquid, videotape an absorbency test with it, and post it to YouTube for comments.  Now, I do have a digital camcorder, but I do not have a YouTube account.  We’ll have to wait and see about that.

After years of trying different pads as a young teenager, I had settled on Always as the best in terms of fit, hold capacity, & unseen-through-pants score. 

 Infinity is Always newest type of pad, with a different top layer (Microdots™) and claims for higher absorbency (Infinicel™ = up to 55% more), more comfort, and shaping/tapering (dual Flexi-Wing® design) to fit a women’s body.  

Always Infinity comes in all the regular Always sizes (moderate, heavy, overnight) and with or without wings.  My preference has always been “with wings” as they stabilize the pad in your underwear and prevent underwear side elastic staining.  


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