Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mrs Dash Salt-Free Taco Seasoning Review

I received a free 35g package of Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Taco Seasoning in the mail.  Tonight I had some lean ground beef that needed to be used up so I thought I'd give it a try.


First off, ingredients:

  • yellow corn flour, chili pepper, maltodextrin
  • corn starch, cumin, dried onion
  • garlic powder, potassium chloride, yeast extract
  • onion powder, sugar, black pepper
  • citric acid, oregano, red pepper, celery seed

Package directions: brown 1lb ground beef; drain.  Add 3/4 cup water and seasoning mix.  Heat until thickened; stirring often.

Preparation was as simple as the directions.  I sautéed half an onion first before adding the ground beef as my only change.  Drained the beef and added the mix:

After incorporating the water, mix, and beef, it took about three to four minutes to thicken up a bit, resulting in:

Looks and smells good.

Taste: good mild chili taste.  Needs salt.  I like my salt too much for salt-free it seems.  I added a dash of sea salt to my bowl and that enhanced the flavours enough for me.  I'd say its a good base, and great if you want to eliminate or control the amount of salt and sodium in your mix.  Its easy to add your desired amount of salt at the end or to your own dish.

Other comments: does it really need sugar?  I doubt it.  Potassium chloride is classified as a type of salt, though sodium-free. Sneaky.  It is used for a wide variety of other non-food production processes - check out Wikipedia for more.

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