Monday, September 26, 2011

OXO Candela Update #2

Now that I have had a chance to experience them fully charged, I can report that I do like the OXO Candelas that I received for free from BzzAgent.

They have a bit of a glow to them - no flickering like a candle would so that could be a pro or con depending on the ambiance wished for at the moment. You could read if you were up really close. I'd compare it to one of those paper lamps from IKEA in terms of visibility given.

Nondescript and simple - easy to blend into any seasonal decor or fit on any piece of furniture.

All in all, a good find. I believe they retail for about $20 CDN. OK price for a rechargeable set of two.

If I ever remember to take a photo of them in action, I will add to this post.

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