Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Style Find

Style Find is a website that I was invited to join for free as part of a Bzz campaign.

There was an initial incentive - I think $10 off your first purchase for a limited time? But I honestly can't remember. The first few times I clicked on the site I was blown away by how expensive the products were plus shipping, and then of course taxes and duty from most places so $10 wouldn't have been any incentive to me.

Since then I have noticed that there have been more reasonably priced items. For example, while there are still the $299.95 purses that are marketed as a steal - they are also showing the $39.95 purses that are actually affordable for a person in today's economy that wants a new style every season. I can't imagine ever affording $300 on a purse, or a shirt or skirt for that matter every season. If I want to stay trendy, the stuff has to be cheap. And I mean CHEAP for normal people, not $150 000 salary-a-year-people.

I'll try to post some "real" cheap examples in the next few weeks from Style Find.

The pictures are always great, even if the prices are not!

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