Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well, its been ages since I have last posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been enjoying my freebies.

An update on the OXO Candela Glow, they work well and look really good lit up among my Christmas decorations. My toddler nephew likes them as well and can push the on-off buttons easily without doing any damage to himself or the lights. They would potentially work well as a nightlights in a child's bedroom.

I cashed in all of my free Multibionta Vitamin coupons that were leftover from a BzzAgent campaign. I gave them away to friends and relatives who were excited about getting them for free. There was some confusion as to WHY I got them for free - "What is wrong with them?" and "What do I owe you?" were common first remarks. I think the next time I get free product coupons from BzzAgent I will collect some first myself to have the actual product to give away for people to sample. They sure went much faster than just the coupons when the campaign was on! As a side note, the manufacturer no longer lets London Drugs double up on coupons for Multibionta products and the same for Scrubbing Bubbles. As far as I am aware, everything else is still a "go".

I also cashed in my somewhat-free coupons from my Kraft sample pack. I had to pay $9.99 plus tax for a box of new-er Kraft food products. Included inside were boxes of Chips Ahoy Middles, Applewood Smoked BBQ Triscuits, Kraft SMART Dinner, many packages of different Trident layers gum and other gums, and more. Also included were coupons for free perishable items: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dill, their A-MOO-Za cheese twists (love the name pun), and a jar of Kraft's new Pure Refrigerated (fresh) Dressings. These I found in the bagged salad section of Superstore. I chose the BBQ Ranch variety for my husband.

For the cheese twists I chose the mozzarella-cheddar combo. We both really like them and they are very portable and easy to put in adult lunches. The other two items we haven't tried yet but it is worth noting that the salad dressing was named one of Canadian Living's Best New Products of 2011 ( so a well worth-it almost-free product.

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