Monday, January 16, 2012

Style Find - Hair Dos!

As mentioned back in September, I am participating in a Bzzagent campaign to increase awareness about the website.

Right now, the website still has "holiday" looks and tips on it and their editors' pick gallery is still the Fall 2011 one. I hope they update it to Winter 2012 soon. I do like looking at their photos and trends.

What I have found today is hair up-do instructions! Yes, something useful! The instructions are found under the "Trends" tab and are for a loose up-do and are short and easy-to-follow.

Various products are recommended to aid in pulling this 'do off, such as the Kerastase Double Force Controle Ultime Extra-Strength Hold Multi-Protective Hairspray for Weakened Hair. This stuff goes for $36 USD for 300ml so its not cheap, but I'm sure you can find a drugstore brand that would work just as well as long as you're not walking down the red carpet.

Sephora snag-free hair bands are also suggested which are priced for the average consumer at 8 for $3.50 USD on their website.

The other style helper is Sally Hershberger Root Boosting Spray - Salon Shape Up Styling Spray - listed at $24 for a 5 oz. pump spray.

Of these three, the easiest to find would be the Sephora hair bands as they have retail outlets in most major centres. Online shipping is reasonable plus you get three free samples with each shipment. Kerastase also gives three complimentary samples with shipping, with free shipping if you purchase over $85 of product - which shouldn't take long at their prices. The Sally Hershberger product link took me to the Home Shopping Network site.

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