Monday, February 6, 2012

Stouffer's Saute Sensations Review

Last year, Stouffer's had a reward system where you would enter PINs from specially marked boxes of Lean Cuisine, Stouffer's Bistro Panini & Crustini, and the like. Once you reached a certain number of PINs you were sent an envelope via regular mail with a $10 gift card to a store of your choice (limited selection at the start of signing up for the reward account) and several coupons for free products. One of these coupons was for Saute Sensations.

Saute Sensations are found in most grocery stores' freezer sections (Safeway, Superstore, Wal-Mart are the ones I have checked) and in some food-enabled Shopper's Drug Mart locations.

I decided that the Mediterranean Chicken flavour was the safest to try. After hanging around in our freezer for a few months, a night came where we had nothing quick for dinner and were both tired. Saute Sensations to the rescue!

The above photo is of the package contents straight out of the freezer. A good start as all the food looks like food.

Saute for about seven minutes and it turns into this:

Food still looks like food!

The package contained enough to feed two regular adults. Our meal could have been supplemented by a small green salad, but not much else. There are probably just under two servings of vegetables per person in the package.

There were plenty of coloured peppers and potatoes as well as chicken. It tasted real and reasonably new and unprocessed.

I was impressed. I'd say Saute Sensations are a good instant emergency dinner to keep on hand in your freezer. The latest sale price I saw was $5.99, regular retail is about $8.99.

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