Monday, February 3, 2014

Recently Free in the Mail...

Here are a couple of things I recently received in the mail gratis.

The first is two two-packs of Advil™ liquid gels.  They came with a bonus $3 off coupon good on a 24-count or higher bottle, expiring at the end of April.  The samples themselves expire at the end of October 2014.   Great to pop in the travel first aid kid or purse.

The second is a sample of Cloud 9™ cat treats.  That is what looks like a pack of gum!  They are indeed in a blister pack.  I guess for keeping fresher, although since blister packs are almost impossible to recycle, that kind of sucks.  Bonus though is the 15% order code also included.

Both these offers were from internet sign-ups at the brand sites.

Third but not shown is a small sachet of Burt's Bees™ gud™ body lotion.  It came  with a coupon, too.  I was disappointed that the sample was only a single-use sachet and not a small purse-sized bottle to use for travel.

Fourth but also not shown is a travel-sized tube of Colgate Sensitive Relief™ toothpaste, plus a coupon. Win!

If I remember correctly, these last two were from liking and registering on their Facebook™ pages.

I am currently awaiting an $8.99 rebate from purchasing an 8lb bag of World's Best Cat Litter™, and a gift basket from Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials™ program.

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